Le Marie. Barbera Pinerolese

  • 1450

Pinerolese DOC
Grape Barbera

A thoroughbred Barbera; lean, taut and bright. Floral nose with apple and blackberry-pie aromas. Crunchy strawberry, raspberry and black cherry fruit, ripe with a tart backhander. Pure mineral core, beautiful ethereal high-altitude Barbera. 14.5%

The vineyard is on mineral-rich red schist, the PH is very low and the altitude high: between 400 and 450 meters. This means that even in the hottest vintages, the wines maintain their freshness, perfect for vigorous grape varieties like Barbera. Their vines are trained using a Guyot system and yield a miserly 3.4 tonnes of grapes per hectare. The harvest is by hand and small crates are used to ensure the grapes arrive undamaged at the cellar. The bunches are de-stemmed and mechanically crushed, fermentation is in temperature controlled tanks and takes a week. Malolactic conversion and ageing is over a seven month period in used French barriques,

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