Conte Emo Capodilista. La Montecchia Merlot

  • 1575

Colli Euganei DOC
Grape: Merlot
A fascinating Merlot which is simply fantastically drinkable with its fresh, minty, sour cherry fruit. It has become quite rich and rather splendid. 13.5%
In 2014, the Estate did not make its top wines so this wine had the best fruit.
The Merlot is planted on the South-facing curve of the hill where top soils are sparsely spread over a trachyte (rock formed by magma) outcrop. The vineyard is planted at 4800 vines/ha using a cordon system, it is only possible to work this part of the vineyard by hand.
Grapes are picked by hand, Giordano does not believe in overdoing the green harvest and prefers to sacrifice some alcohol and intensity for drinkability. Fermentation is in temperature-controlled tanks and lasts between 10 and 15 days. The wine is then aged in new, 1 and 2yr old barrique for 12 months.
In this corner of Italy, Merlot was the most popular drink long before the vine hit international fame, it remains the most widely planted red grape variety in the North East.

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