Col Sandago. Wildbacher Sparkling Brut Rose

  • 1890
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Vino Spumante di Qualita
Grape  Wildbacher

Delicate, fresh and alarmingly easy. Pale pink, laced with cherry and black forest fruits, a twist of bitters and a suggestion of fragrant rose. A superb aperitivo, lovely with smoked fish.  12%

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This fizz is from vineyards planted on terraces sweeping Col Sandago at an altitude of 250m, facing south, south-west; planted at a density of 6000 vines/ha. Soils are clay and chalk on sandstone.
The grapes are gently pressed and fermentation begins on the skins before the must is drawn off to avoid excessive colour or tannin. Second fermentation is in an ‘autoclave’ taking around 90 days, this method is often referred to as Charmat Lungo.
Wildbacher is the signature vine of Le Case Bianche (Col Sandago is the name reserved by owner Martino Zanetti for his favourite wines). There is an underlying obsession with the grape, and through study and careful selection, their vines are of an unusually high quality, quite unlike any other Wildbacher I have experienced.

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