Col Sandago. Prosecco Rive Extra Brut 'Costa del Falchi'

  • 1775

Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene Superiore ‘Rive di Susegana’ DOCG
Grape: Glera

Elderflower, rosemary and basil, there’s an element of coastal garrigue about the nose, lemon and pink grapefruit, flint and ripe green herb. A finely structured, restrained, bone-dry Prosecco. 11.5%

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Extra Brut is the most extreme category of Prosecco; once known as Brut Nature (a name now reserved for the Ancestral/Col Fondo style of wine making), there is almost zero sugar to hide behind, so the grapes have to be totally perfect to carry it off.
That is why Col Sandago only use the best Glera grown in the ‘Rive di Susegana’.


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