Emilio Bulfon. 'Sottocolli' Ucelut sweet white wine pudding wine

Bulfon. 'Sottocolli' Ucelut

  • 2275

Vino Bianco Venezia Giulia IGP
Grape  Ucelùt

A smooth and seductive pudding wine made as an appassimento, this version of Ucelùt is more akin to a Vin Santo.  14%

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This is a vine from the Ucellini family of vines, with which of course I’m sure we are all very familiar!!? The grapes are incredibly sweet and the birds love them, so traditionally these vines are planted as a decoy to look after other grapes.  It has been propagated for centuries in the Western Friuli for making sweet wines exclusively - well ... that was until Emilio and Lorenzo bottled their dry Ucelùt: the Rugel.

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