Bens Wednesday Wines

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If I had to drink any of these wines for the rest of my days I’m not sure that it would be a problem – these are wines that over-deliver.

The Suri is fresh, generous and a wonder with a huge variety of dishes. Motta del Lupo is the blend (red label) a great vegan wine with dark fruits, a lovely rich Puglian red.
The Fonte Cupa Trebbiano is a favourite of mine: bone dry, piecing freshness with lime and lemon, just a touch of tropical fruit. The Rossanel is a brilliant natural wine, a cask-conditioned petnat rosé, excellent, it also turns out with homemade pizza.

2 x Paolo Petrilli. Organic Motta del Lupo Rosso Cacc'e Mmitte di Lucera  2019
2 x Villa Giada. Barbera d’Asti ‘I Surí’ 2019
1 x Camillo Montori. Trebbiano 'Fonte Cupa' 2021
1 x Monte dei Roari. Rossanel Rosato Petnat 2018

(double up the bottles for the 12 bottle case)

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