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Ascheri. Gavi di Gavi 'Cristina'

Ascheri. Gavi di Gavi 'Cristina'

Gavi di Gavi DOCG
Grape: Cortese

Beautifully crisp, floral fruit, with the most delicate jasmine, tangerine and lychee fruit flavours. A lovely texture, smooth as silk; a dangerously enjoyable wine.  13%

Matteo Ascheri, Piemonte producer page

The village of Gavi is famed for its elegant, fresh dry white wines, made from the Cortese grape. There are a number of villages within the Gavi DOCG, if the wine is from within the commune of Gavi, it can then be called Gavi di Gavi.
Ascheri do not own the Cortese vineyards, Gavi is some way from Bra and having long-term partners to buy the gapes from is a far better solution. The growers responsible for this wine have been the same for many years and their fruit is consistently excellent.
The grapes are picked by hand, gently pressed, and fermented in temperature-controlled steel tanks for 15 days at 18ºC. The malolactic conversion is blocked to secure the natural freshness which can easily loose shape. All of the wine is bottled in one run to ensure consistency of flavour.

Recommended food pairing (from Matteo, he is usually right about these things)

Swordfish Cut

Ravioli with crayfish, sea bass and asparagus

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