Broccatelli Galli Grechetto Le Ripaie

Broccatelli Galli. Grechetto 'Le Ripaie'

  • 900

Umbria IGT
Grape: Grechetto

A long time favorite white of ours.  Ripe pear and almond aromas, ripe fleshy fruit, pure, classic winemaking.

There has been a gradual evolution of the wines and the arrival of enologist Emiliano Falsini in 2010 coincided with a sharper cut through the entire range. As a rule, we fall for their young wines made from the young vines in Torgiano, they have lovely open, pure flavours. For many years the Grechetto and Sangiovese have been our ‰Û÷house wines' and we have no plans to change this, both are far better than their price suggests.

Grechetto is a white vine rarely seen outside Umbria; it is a very necessary component of Orvieto, bestowing (well made ones) with freshness and importantly, delicately complex flavours.

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