Achille Milanesio. Carema Riserva

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Carema Riserva DOC
Grape  Nebbiolo known locally as Picotendro

Rose, vanilla flowers, pure bramble and plum aromas that morph neatly into the finest and most finely poised palate, where salted chocolate-orange flavours weave their way through textured, floral fruit.  13.5%

Achille Milanesio, Carema producer page

Achille makes a single barrel of Carema Riserva each year. It is from a site, or Cru called ‘Runc’, which is the only part of his vineyard that is registered as Carema. The Picotendro (Nebbiolo) vines are on a steeply terraced south-facing slope. The vines are between 20 and 30 years old and are masal* selections from the best vines. The training is a particular high pergola, known locally as ‘Topia’. It is a system that requires exhaustive work, no tractors, everything is manual, this is truly heroic viticulture.
Prior to the harvest Archille makes a pied de cuve* in the vineyard, the perfect way to select the strong, natural, native yeasts and give them a bit of a head start before the main event. The grapes are hand-picked by the family, crushed and tipped into a steel tank, where the pied de cuve awaits them. The fermentation lasts just over 2 weeks, the wine then spends another month with the skins submerged, before being racked into a clean steel tank where it goes through malolactic conversion*. The wine is aged in a used French tonneaux* for a year before it is bottled without filtration.

The 2018 saw a change of branding: new label and the emergence of Cantina Togliana

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