Wine Club

From as little as £53 a month

The Bat and Bottle Wine Club offers unprecedented access to some of the most extraordinary wines Italy has to offer.

Our Wine Club reflects what Emma and I love about this business – buying from dedicated small wine producers - and we enjoy being the first contact for our clients.

We have been importing Italian wine directly from small producers for over 20 years, so the normal hyperbole of boutique wineries, small production, limited availability and exclusivity is in fact all entirely true; our youth may have been exchanged for experience and back pain but our focus remains resolutely ‘artisan’.

The Club's wines are those that we would normally buy for ourselves, usually only available in tiny quantities, often from newer or undeservedly overlooked producers; rare parcels of wine that have often been left un-shipped as the volume, and frankly the expense, just didn’t add up commercially.

The membership of this Wine Club gives that little extra flexibility to be able to say yes to, and actively seek out, those small exciting parcels, simply because there are enough of us invested and eager to enjoy.

Delivery months are: January | April | July | October

The Wine Club offers a quarterly case of 12 bottles for the Conspirators - or 6 bottles from the Vini Curiosity curated collections.