Fondo Indizeno. Bianco

  • 1620

Colli Orientali DOC
Grapes: Malvasia Istriana, Pinot Bianco and Ribolla Gialla

Rich, fresh defined flavours, spice, deep apple, green pineapple and bitter lemon. A delicious, complex and particular wine.

This is a vineyard blend from Sanfilippo, a plot very close to Buttrio. Malvasia Istriana has been planted alongside Pinot Bianco and Ribolla Gialla, they are all picked and fermented together – the old way. This is a wine that for many years Christian has wanted to try, but finding the right vineyard was difficult. Modern thinking espouses picking and fermenting each variety separately, to ensure perfect levels of ripeness; a fair, if slightly dull assumption. By being less controlling, the vineyard is free to express its qualities and flavours rarely exposed are shown in all their glory. The vines are at least fifty years old, the terroir is classic Colli Orientali ‘ponka’ (a maritime rock rich in minerals), the top soils are sand and clay.
The grapes are picked by hand, fermented and aged in steel tanks, malolactic conversion is discouraged.

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