Conte Emo Capodilista. La Montecchia Moscato 'Piuchebello'

  • 1325

Bianco Veneto da Uve Aromatiche IGT
Grape: Moscato

Floral and mineral orange and grapefruit, finely textured with a little squeezed lime on the finish. 12%

Producer: Conte Emo Capodilista

Literally this means 'more than beautiful', it is perfectly named.
An aromatic dry white from Muscat that is very much in the vein of a top Alsatian dry Muscat. This is an incredibly rare style of wine for Italy and, usually in this corner of the Veneto, Moscato is used for 'Fior d'Arancio'. For my palate this is very close to the perfect aperitivo.

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