Emilio Bulfon Blanc de Rugel Friuli Ucelut Dry Italian White Wine

Bulfon. 'Blanc de Rugel'

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Vino Bianco.  

Grape: Ucelùt.  

Ucelùt is the best suited of Bulfon’s varieties to bottle ageing, this is unlike any other wine,with its rich lime, dragon fruit and herb flavours.

Rugel was the first dry Ucelùt I tasted, and still is for that matter. Deep, orange and grapefruit flavours, with spice and floral elements. There is something strangely Cointreau-like about the wine, brilliant with a pigeon salad. 13%
Ucelùt is an aromatic grape variety historically planted around the edges of vineyards to keep the workers energy up and to divert local wildlife from the main crop, especially birds. It is very rare now and when bottled as a varietal, it is usually as a sweet wine.
When Emilio showed me his newly planted vineyard, I confess to being confused; sweet wines were not gaining much in popularity but all has become clearer now. Ucelùt, like Cividìn and SciaglÌn is an aromatic variety well suited to making a fine dry wine.
Fermentation and ageing is in steel tanks.

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