Monte dei Roari. Biodynamic Pinot Grigio 'Le Tre Rie' 2017

Monte dei Roari. Pinot Grigio 'Le Tre Rie'

  • 1050

Veneto IGT
Grape Pinot Grigio

Worlds apart from the dilute and convoluted charms of its commercial cousins: this has a purity of lime and jasmine aromas which lead to a fresh, sappy, banana, greengage and bitter lemon fruit. Mineral, complex and fresh, a bone dry and very lovely wine. 12.5%

The vineyards are farmed biodynamically and certified organic. The morainic soils are rich in minerals and well suited to quality Pinot Grigio, a variety that matures early here and is usually harvested in August. Grapes are picked by hand, pressed and taken off the skins for a natural spontaneous fermentation in steel tanks. Malolactic conversion is blocked to keep the freshness and the wine is bottled without the addition of Sulphur.

A small caveat, do look after these natural wines - cellar temperature consistent somewhere between 8 and 12°C is best; the low levels of sulphites makes the wine vulnerable to heat.

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