Col Sandago. Prosecco Passito

Col Sandago. Prosecco Passito

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Passito del Veneto IGT
Grape: Glera
This stunning pudding wine is made from dried Prosecco/Glera grapes, fermented and aged in small oak barrels. Honeyed, marmalade, supple fresh, delicate and fine. 14%

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The variation between vintages in the past was too great and Signor Zanetti wanted a more consistent passito. Now, an assemblage is made each year from the best-matched wines, it is released as a non-vintage wine. Each wine is identifiable by the lot number.
This really works and is a very honest approach.
It is unusual to find a passito of Prosecco and when this wine was first released it caused quite a stir. It has come a long way and is now a very fine wine, honeyed and silky with grape and lemon fruit and delicate oriental spice. Fondly known to its Batwine fan club as the "Christmas-cake-mix" wine.

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