Le Cinciole. Cinciorosso

  • 1700

Toscana IGT
Grape  Sangiovese 70%  Merlot and Syrah

Ripe, crunchy fruit, red current, super fresh, supple tannins.  13%

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Cinciorosso is made from the young vines, which are rarely under 10 years old, so not really that young. It is a generous wine that uses Merlot and Syrah to soften the Sangiovese tannins. The production is just 6000 bottles and Luca only uses fruit from Le Cinciole, where the whole farm is certified as organic (farmed biodynamically).

The vines are harvested by hand, the fermentation uses only wild yeasts and occurs in concrete tanks, as does the malolactic conversion and ageing. An elegant, pared back wine that is a true representation of Le Cinciole.

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