Villa Giada. Moscato 'Filly'

Villa Giada. Moscato 'Filly'

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Moscato D'Asti DOC.
Grape  Moscato

OK, this is 2016 and there is a consensus that Moscoto d'Asti should be drunk in the year it is made, and there is no doubt that it is lovely when fresh BUT there is some fun to be had with aged Moscato.  Andrea has a theory that is has a difficult patch at about 3 years old, then it takes on an almost Viognier-like character, I can't disagree, this is brilliant wine.

Andrea’s Moscato d’Asti is made from Moscato Bianco di Canelli grown on the Ceriole hill in Canelli. The vineyards face South-East to South-West and there are some plantings on the northern slopes to help with freshness and perfume.  5%

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