Col Sandago Wildbacher Blanc de Noir Metodo Classico 2011 from Veneto Italy

Col Sandago. Wildbacher Blanc de Noir Metodo Classico

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Metodo Classico
Grape: Wildbacher

There is the slightest hint of pink, the aromas are an enticing combination of floral, berry and biscuit. The mousse is fine and delicate, lifting the berry fruit, lemon and bread crust flavours, a precise and refreshing wine.  12%

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There was a certain inevitability to this wine, Case Bianche’s commitment to Wildbacher is extraordinary and a supreme Blanc de Noir, made using the traditional method is the pinnacle of wines for a spumante specialist. The first vintage released was the 2010, which made its first appearance at Vinitaly in 2015 and whilst it may not have created a tidal wave of interest, it did create quite a stir amongst enthusiasts for this style – I am definitely one.
The trick is to balance floral, berry and mineral flavours, create a fine mousse and richness of texture. This is the first traditional method wine that Case Bianche have made in the twenty plus years that we have bought from them, their achievement is remarkable, the Wildbacher lends a unique character to the wine, it is quite distinct from any other sparkling wine that I have experienced.
The vineyard is on the highest point of the farm at an altitude of two hundred and fifty metres, the soils are a mix of clay and chalk on a limestone base. The vines are planted at a density of six thousand plants per hectare and trained using a single spur cordon system. The resulting harvest yields between five and six metric tons per hectare.
The grapes are harvested by hand in the middle of October, they are de-stemmed and pressed then given a brief maceration on the skins before the must is moved to a steel tank for a temperature controlled fermentation between eighteen and twenty degrees. The second fermentation is in the bottle and with a period of maturation takes at least two years.

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