Col Sandago Prosecco Superiore Dry DOCG Rive de Susegana

Col Sandago. Prosecco Rive 'Undici'

  • 1890

Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOC
Grape: Glera

Pineapple and melon, ripe and rounded with freshening apple and lime, seriously lovely pea and elderflower on the finish. 11.5%

Col Sandago producer page

The first Undici was released in 2009 to stand alongside Zanetti's other top releases.
In many ways it is quite a traditional wine, made in the 'Dry' style (sweeter than Brut).
It is from a selection of the best grapes from Le Case Bianche's vineyards, 85% of which are Prosecco/Glera, the other 15% are from native grapes.
An elegant and serious Prosecco, softened by the prime, ripe fruit grown on these mineral soils.

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