Col Sandago. Spumante 'Cuvee' Extra Dry

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Spumante Extra Dry
Grapes Glera, Garganega, Chardonnay

Glera is a new addition to this Cuvée, the grapes were sourced from the lower vineyards in the Eastern Veneto. The remainder of the wine is Chardonnay and Garganega, the exact assemblage is secret kept by the winemaker, though it is fair to say that the majority is Glera.
Beautifully lush and velvety perlage, lifting ripe lemon and apple with a hint of mango. All in all, an alarmingly drinkable fizz.  11.5% alc.

The Cuvée is an admirable selection of the finest available varieties required for a classic Venetian spumante, the blend that reflects the best the vintage has to offer. The grapes are pressed softly and the first fermentation is in temperature controlled steel tanks. The cuvée is made prior to the second fermentation, which is in an autoclave and takes just over fifty days. The wine is then filtered and cold stabilised before bottling.

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