Vo, Colli Euganei

Marco Sambin is a professor of psychology at the University of Padova, he bought this estate in the Euganei hills in 2002. Just four hectares that are worked biodynamically by Leonardo Sinigaglia, Guido Busatto does the winemaking using a similarly natural rhythm.
The vines grow on the lower slopes of Mount Versa at a density of between 8000-9000 plants per hectare - it takes two vines to make each bottle. The vineyard is terraced on a south to south-west facing slope. The soils are a mixture of clay and chalk, thinly spread over limestone. The yields are naturally low, there is no real need for a green harvest however the foliage is thinned out to improve the flow of air through the vineyard.
The approach is very avant-garde, taking the best of traditional practises and integrating biodynamic theories in line with the family’s own ethics, namely a firm respect for the land and its produce. The total production is only six thousand bottles, this is not a commercial project but one born out of pure love.

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