Monte dei Roari 'Palustrel' Cabernet Franc Merlot Appassimento

Monte dei Roari. 'Palustrel'

  • 1380

Veneto IGT
Grapes Cabernet Franc (70%), Merlot (30%)

Blackberries, raspberry and mint; vibrant and joyous. Remarkable wine, in that it really doesn’t taste overly heavy or big but feels fresh, light, bursting with crunchy forest fruit flavours, alarmingly drinkable. 15%

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'Brambly beauty. One of the loveliest reds Italy can provide. Juicy and gorgeous'
Oli Smith, The Three Wine Men

An appassimento of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The vineyard is on iron-rich soils over limestone at an altitude of two hundred meters. The vines are trained using a system called ‘Archetto Veronese’, this is basically a double Guyot where the arm is arched rather than straight giving the advantage of maximum exposure to the sun.
The harvest is made by hand and bunches are dried on racks before pressing. The ensuing wild yeast fermentation is carried out in temperature controlled steel tanks. The wine is also aged in steel before being bottled without filtration.

The vineyards are certified as organic and the farming is biodynamic.

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