Sauvignon Blanc  an Italian Masterclass

Sauvignon Blanc an Italian Masterclass

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Sauvgnon Blanc Friuli DNA

2 x Fondo Indizeno. Sauvignon Blanc 2018
2 Lis Fadis. Sauvignon 'Braulin' 2016
2 Zeni (Roberto). Sauvignon Blanc 'Ronchi di Piazzole 2017

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Three vintages and three very different styles of Sauvignon Blanc: the Zeni family morph into mountain goats and make two passes through the vines to expand the expanse of this grapes flavours; Lis Fadis have a library of Sauvignon clones and release their wine late, when its true potential is just coming into view.  At Fondo Indizeno Christian Patat uses carefully sought monopole sites (single vineyard with something of unique quality) to create another expression of Sauvignon with the emphasis on a purity of fruit, texture and harmony.

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