Spring Wines Mixed 12 bottle case

Spring Wines Mixed 12 bottle case

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Lighten up the weeks ahead with this fun but elegant case; purposefully selected to enjoy with good food - no decisions to be made, just pure light-hearted pleasure.

Demarie is a family estate in the heart of Roero; a third-generation family producer of Nebbiolo and Arneis - two grapes that perfectly accompany spring.
Be amazed by their Birbet, a sparkling red that is great fun and a good partner for chocolate or strawberries.

This case includes:
3 bottles of Paolo Petrilli 'Motta del Lupo'
2 bottles of Demarie Nebbiolo D'Alba

1 bottle of Case Bianche Prosecco Vigna del Cuc

2 bottles of Demarie Roero Arneis
3 bottles of Monte dei Roari Pinot Grigio 'Le Tre Rie'

and Sweet Sparkling Red!
1 bottle of Demarie Brachetto 'Birbet'


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