La Castellacia di Alessandro Tofanari

San Gimigniano, Toscana

Alessandro turned his life on its head when he gave up his position as a surveyor in Firenze and moved to the isolated and oft destroyed eleventh century fort of ‘La Castellaccia’ with his wife Simona back in 1998. The farm is fifty-four hectares in total, the vineyard covering just eight hectares, the remainder being woodland, pasture and oats and barley which support their other great passion, horses. In this case ‘Golden Horses’ or ‘Akhal-Teke’ from Turkmenistan which were probably introduced into the area by pilgrims, there are very few in Italy. The land is criss-crossed by bridle paths, the area is far better suited to horses than cars.
The vines are planted on sparsely covered limestone with sandy, clay topsoils, the slope catches the wind and the ventilation is excellent. Alessandro sticks to the local indigenous grape varieties which are farmed bio-dynamically, his wines are unique (in a good way).