Piverone, Piemonte
Vegan friendly wines

Favaro releases a modest eighteen thousand bottles in a generous year, mainly Erbaluce di Caluso which is a white grape and amongst Italy’s finest. Erbaluce is only found in the Alto Piemonte where a combination of altitude and glacial soils provide ideal conditions for the vines, it is such a complex and fascinating terroir.
This is a real family business which started in 1992 when Benito and Rosanna had the vision to purchase this five hectare farm. They have since been joined by their sons: Camillo and Nicola, and their daughter Elena with her husband Claudio. The vineyards are worked by Benito and Nicola and the cellar is the responsibility of Camillo. It is an ideal situation that works incredibly well, none of the family work totally full-time at the Cantina, all are totally committed.
The vineyards are in Piverone, a village inside the appellation of Caluso. The slope is glacial, carved through granite. Here the nights are very cold and days can be very hot; constant mountain breezes also ensure healthy grapes and the organic system of farming that they use works well.
Camillo’s office is a mile from the Cantina, he is a somewhat renaissance character: part wine label designer, part wine writer (Vini e Terre di Borgogna) and most importantly an extraordinary viticulturist. He is modest, thoughtful and a forward-looking winemaker who uses a variety of methods to get the best from his Erbaluce, Freisa, Nebbiolo and Syrah. His wines are sought-after and we are extremely happy to have an allocation.