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25 years celebration Sagra - we are postponing this event until further notice.


Bat and Bottle's first 25 years are up!

Please join us in celebrating with a Sagra-style informal dinner to be held in The Great Hall at Oakham Castle.

on Friday March 27th 2020
at 7.30pm - 10.15pm

We will be in winebar-mode and serving you alongside us will be some very special friends  ...   who just  happen to also be local Rutland producers of excellence.

Apart from our usual dynamic and convivial company (!?!), and tokens towards wine at the bar, with your ticket you will also enjoy:

Nicky and Nick Brake owners of the Hare and HogThe Hare and HogThe Hare and Hog Charcuterie and Cafe on Oakham Enterprise Park
A mixed platter of Rutland's own Charcuterie 
Crafted and presented by the Hare & Hog Charcuterie Deli and Cafe 
Italian's eat your hearts out, this is charcuterie at its very best (if its good enough for Prince Charles ...)


June Titterton Fox of Junes farmJunes FarmBeef to be from Junes Farm
A rich and velvety Tuscan Beef and Bean Stew
Lovingly prepared by June Titterton-Fox of June's Farm
Using her favourite Tuscan recipe and of course her own locally-reared beef.
Sorry about the cute picture - bred for dinner.



Emma Finden Crofts of The Lotus BakeryThe Lotus BakeryThe Lotus Bakery at the Rutland Farmers Markets
A choice of both a pudding jar and a dessert slice
Think Italian dolci and add a twist of Lotus Bakery excellence
by Emma Finden-Crofts of the Lotus Bakery 
(NB Lotus / n. (in Greek mythology) a fruit or flower associated with purity, that induces a dreamy languor and state of peaceful apathy in those who eat it)


... and tokens towards wines chosen by Emma and Ben Robson of Bat and Bottle,
Specialist importers of italian wine:  Our wine bar will provide you with as much variation as we can pack into a pop up bar!
We will be offering suggestions and tempting you with tastings, probably joining in a little too much - and feeling very celebratory!

In addition to your meal, if you would like further helpings, or to take products away with you, we will all have all that is possible, available to buy on the evening.

We truly hope you will come along and join us in celebrating. 
Please spread the word...   Thank you


Interview on the Sagra courtesy of BigBarn:

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