Fattoria di Bacchereto da M. Rossella Bencini Tesi Terre A Mano

Carmignano, Toscana

Rossella Bencini, Fattoria Bacchereto, Terre a Mano

 Bacchereto is a beautiful and ancient Medici farm (with agriturismo) set high in the wooded hills west of Prato. It is owned and worked by Rossella Bencini, a talented and committed winemaker who has taken Carmignano to another level.

Her land has been farmed biodynamically since 2001, a hard life-style choice which at that time was positively unfashionable and, even now, Rossella remains outside of the Consorzio for Carmignano.
She also does not have her farming methods certified - this is a way of life that she is committed to, and not a part of her marketing strategy.  Mind you, neither was Gino D'Acampo appearing for a bread cooking session in her tasting room and enjoying a go at battonage with her much loved Carmignano!
for a fun view.

The farm is on steep hillside: 90 hectares of native woodland, 60 of olive groves and 8 of vineyard.
All her land is worked with a minimum of intervention, no chemicals or pesticides. Their honey is irresistible and the olive oil superb. The wine production can reach twenty thousand bottles in a generous year.
These are wines to look out for, real insider stuff. The prices have gone up dramatically since we first imported them in 2003 but they remain excellent value; the people who work there are unchanged and her business survives.